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Deadline submitter resets include/exclude of VRayVelocity element

The Submit Max To Deadline (SMTD) integrated submitter resets the include/exclude settings of VRayVelociy elements.

Confirmed with V-Ray 6.12 and 3dsMax 2023 + Deadline

We checked with Chaos and it is an issue on the Deadline side.


The logs from the job would be helpful to root cause the issue and find is it is an issue coming from Deadline.
Also, can you isolate the submission from Deadline and see if you get the same behavior outside Deadline? Here is a KBA article to isolate the 3ds Max job:

Hello, Support

This is an issue with the submitter, the JOB itself is processed without issue.
I’ll attach the submitter log, but there’s probably nothing there.

The support team can reproduce the issue by simply setting Include/Exclude on the Velecity element and submitting a job to Deadline.

SubmitMaxToDeadline - (4.8 KB)

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