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Deadline webservice issue


Deadline monitor, worker is working fine, when I try to run webservice, deadline isn’t working…
Can someone help me here please

try localhost:8081
I’m not sure if serving on includes the loopback address (
And the second ip looks wrong or is it?
Edit: the error is 401 Unauthorized.

Our deadline was installed on this machine which has IP

we tried to access it from 192.168.0.X, but it didn’t work.
We ended up launching another webservice.exe on 192.168.0.X in one machine, and now we can able to access web server from all the machines


It could be possible that wither Windows or the Organization Firewall might be blocking the traffic to the Web Service from the machine. I am glad you were able to mitigate the issue with install Web Service on a different machine.

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