Deadline Worker specific environment variables

Hey guys,

I’m wondering if it’s possible to set environment variables based on regions?

For example if i have the region of ‘ldn’ is it possible that all in the workers in the ‘ldn’ region launch the worker with a set of global environment varibles like HOME = \\hsite

I have tried setting it in the Worker Properties > Extra Info section but that doesn’t seem to take it into the worker environment.

Thanks very much,

Not sure if this will help but maybe you could make an event plugin and use some of the slave callbacks to set your env vars for your worker based on the region. f.ex the OnSlaveStartingJobCallback.

We use event plugins to set env vars with the OnJobSubmitted callback to set different render plugin versions depending on DCC version and texture directories for different jobs etc.
Not entirely sure how the slave callbacks work though.


Hey Bonsak,

Thanks very much for this - I’ll have a look into it! :ok_hand::ok_hand: