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Deadline worker starts without scheduling enabled

Deadline worker starts on my machine, even when I have disabled ‘worker scheduling’ settings. How is this possible?
It keeps interrupting my workflow and stealing resources.

I think when you restart the machine, the deadline10launcherservice service gets started automatically, and turns on the worker. I guess there is configuration for this, have not checked.

There is no such service running on my pc. Also -the launcher should be running all the time - but not start a worker while interacting with the pc…

I am seeing the exact same thing.

I have a specific schedule for rendernodes and for workstations.
But even though the schedule for workstaions that would ‘Ensure Worker Is Running During Scheduled Hours’ is disabled, STILL the worker keeps starting on workstations in that schedule.

Hello @Simonlp

Thanks for reaching out, wondering If you have LaunchSlaveAtStartup flag in Client configuration file [ deadline.ini] set to True which makes launcher to automatically start the worker after the Launcher starts up.

There is system deadline.ini file and per-user deadline.ini file , check for the mentioned flag in both the files , per-user file takes precedence over system deadline.ini file. If you have set flag to False and still worker is starting up, share the Launcher logs available in Application logs folder.

Hi @Nreddy I think I figured it out.
one, I had slaves launched at startup, but that wasn’t the real culprit. it was the send command to launch worker after powerup command coming from powermanagement which completely ignores scheduling.

as written in my other thread :

I just want to make it know (for anyone else trying to figure stuff out) that I had an issue where
machines would render while not on schedule.
This was being caused with Powermanagement ignoring Worker Scheduling.

There's a checkbox here: `Menu > Tools > Configure Power Management > Group > Machine Startup` tab
that says `Send Remote Command To Start Worker After Waking Up Machines`. 

This checkbox  was throwing a wrench. It looks like that if a worker isn't running,
Power management deems the machine powered down, sends the wake-up/ start-up command,
followed by a command to start the Worker, completely by-passing Worker Scheduling.

In all fairness, the tooltip does say to turn it of if worker is started through other means, like scheduling
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