Deadline10 and Working Remotely - Whats your workflow for file transfer / sync?

Hey Everyone,
We use Deadline10 in our Studio in London. Mostly to manage Houdini + Redshift renders. We used to render on workers in the local network to a single file server in the same local network. With corona and people working from home but also having a second Studio in Berlin now we set up VPN and RDP connections so that people could access workers from home and even submit jobs remotely from their machines.
To have rendered files and required assets easily available to everyone whether they are in the Studio in London, Berlin or at home we started to host and render to GDrive.
This doesn’t work without problems though. I guess due to the asynchronous synching this creates duplicated renders, sometimes whole folders of them, and sometimes variables aren’t resolved properly and we get folders named /$HIPNAME/.

I am wondering how others are doing this? Do you have a better workflow to keep everybody up to date with assets and renders?

Should we render locally first and then sync to everyone? How would one do that?


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