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DeadlineCommand (client) install ubuntu WSL cert problem

I’m trying to install deadlineClient on WSL (ubuntu). DeadlineClient is installed on the host windows OS and is working.
After installing the deadlineClient on WSL when I run deadlinecommand I get the following error :

Error: An unexpected error occurred while interacting with the database Host: ###########;######, Port: ######:
Object reference not set to an instance of an object. (System.NullReferenceException)
   at Deadline.StorageDB.MongoDB.MongoDBServerSetup.b(MongoClientSettings vu, DirectConnectionSettings vv, X509Certificate2 vw)
   at Deadline.StorageDB.MongoDB.MongoDBServerSetup.GetDeadlineMongoDB(DirectConnectionSettings connectInfo, Int32 connPoolSize, X509Certificate2 clientCert, X509Certificate2 rootCA)
   at Deadline.StorageDB.RepositoryConnect.DirectRepositoryStorage.a(DirectConnectionSettings ow, Int32 ox, X509Certificate2 oy, X509Certificate2 oz) (FranticX.Database.DatabaseConnectionException)

I thought this might be a DbSSLCerticiate issue, so I added the path to the .pfx to the deadline.ini on the WSL users ~/Thinkbox/Deadline10/deadline.ini file.



Now, when it errors it says :

Error: Error encountered when loading the configured Client Certificate (/mnt/DeadlineRepository10/Deadline10Client.pfx). It is likely either an invalid x.509 certificate, or the wrong passphrase was provided.

Full Error:
The certificate data cannot be read with the provided password, the password may be incorrect. (Deadline.Configuration.DeadlineConfigException)

Which is a positive step. I need to get the password from my sys admin.
What I’m unclear about is why the client on the host windows OS works? I looked at the deadline.ini for my user on the host OS and it has no path to the .pfx file defined, which makes me wonder why I need to specify this on the WSL install?

Has anyone here got deadlinecommand / client running on WSL?

All the client config goodness lives in the user’s directory (%userdata%) or in the system’s program data (%programdata%).

Since you’re setting up a new user on a new operating system a-la WSL you’ve got to go through all the setup again.

I’ve never encountered someone trying to get WSL to work - is there a workflow you’re looking to pull of? Or just seeing what can be done?

Hi Justin, many thanks for the reply.
I like to keep my dev environment under wsl, so thought I could have my deadline client installed locally too.
As it happens, I’ve got around this issue by simply calling the windows deadlinecommand from within the wsl environment. It seems to work fine for my purposes.

Ah gotcha, glad that works!

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