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Deadlinecommand hanging on submit


We have a web portal that submits deadline jobs for generating slates. The portal runs as a docker container. It has been working fine until recently when the job submission started hanging.

I’m generating a set of job and plugininfo files and running it as:

deadlinecommand jobinfo.txt plugininfo.txt

It now just hangs here. No errors, logs are empty. How could I debug this? I can confirm the job and plugin files exist and are valid.

Deadline version is 10.2.1


Thanks for reaching out. I need some more information to look into this.

  1. Are you able to connect with the docker container? Check if the container is still running, it should because you do not get connection errors here is how to check the logs docker logs | Docker Docs share if there are any errors
  2. Enable verbose logging from Deadline Monitor (if you are running one)> Tools > Configure Repo Options> Application Data> Check the box for Webservice verbose logging> then restart the webservice> Reproduce the issue and share logs.
  3. Are you able to hit jobsAPI? like run the this: Jobs — Deadline documentation
  1. The docker container is accessible. The logs last line is the submission to Deadline, where it stays. Doesn’t error, doesn’t die, doesn’t complete. Just waits for a response.

  2. I’m looking into this option. It needs someone with admin access - looking into it.

  3. It is able to hit the jobs API. I’m able to list pools etc. But when I run a submit request, the same hanging behaviour is observed.

The deadline command wrapper ultimately calls the mono command. Could it be hanging there?


I was testing it on my machine. When I have authentication enabled for the user which run the webservice, I am not even able to hit the API. Can you check if the authentication is enabled in Deadline Monitor> Tools> Configure Repo Options> Webservice> Is the authentication enabled here can you test by disabling it. If it works that way then it is a bug.

I would still like to look at the logs when you have got access.

One more test you can do it to check. There could be another app in your network that is hitting the Web Service port such as a port scanner that is spamming the Web Service with non-deadline standard requests and locking up that machine whether it is memory or open file handles.

Run netstat -tulnpv in the docker contain to check what is trying to hit the webservice. Please share the result.

Is the authentication enabled here can you test by disabling it

The Require Authentication checkbox is turned off. So, authentication is not enabled.

Looking into the netstat command results and docker logs.

Is it possible for us to get on a call? I may not be able to post those results on a public forum as they may contain sensitive information.

Please cut us a ticket from here:

and share the results of the test there.

I have submitted a ticket - 111042.

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