DeadlineQuicktimeGenerator crashes on Windows 10 - Moving movie file to final destination



I’ve been scanning the forum and google for an answer to this problem (DeadlineQuicktimeGenerator crashes on Windows 10 during the final step of “Moving movie file to final destination”) , but even though I found some people having the same issue, in 2016 and before, I couldn’t find a solution that solved the problem.

To begin with, I did apply a fix on the Quicktime plugin to exclude the error code and allow the task to complete :

def CheckExitCode( self, exitCode ):
        #if exitCode != 0 and exitCode != 128:
		if exitCode != 0 and exitCode != 128 and exitCode != -1073740771: 

but while it does fix some of the issues, the exe still crashes, see picture below :

Here are some additional informations that could be usefull:

Deadline Client Version: Release (255a7b0d3)
License Mode: Standard
Repository Version: (255a7b0)
QuickTime version : 7.7.5 (1680.95.13)
Render farm using mostly Windows 10 professional

The output is done on a network drive, on a NAS, so to exclude any network or drive error, I tried to reproduce the generation of the file on a local computer, local drive, simply using the deadlinequicktimegenerator.exe but the problem persisted.

The good thing is that the .mov is created and works nicely, but the crash prevents the job from completing in deadline, leaves it hanging on the slave for 20 minutes and is then flagged as failed so is retried by another slave until it eventually completely fails.

We are considering installing a “window pop up killer” on all our slaves, but if Thinkbox has a better solution, it would be great. Actually, any help as to how to resolve this issue will be greatly appreciated !

thanks in advance,



Good work on this one Jeremy!

The last thing you’ll have to do is disable “Windows Error Reporting”. Deadline’s not able to see those pop-ups as it’s at the OS level.

I found this article that goes over it (first Google hit, I haven’t used it myself).


Sweet, thanks a lot Edwin, this was exactly what I needed to prevent our render farm to flag computers as bad because of this error !

I ended up creating an AutoIT script (AutoIT) to get rid of the window, in case it can be useful to others, I’ve attached the different scripts to this message. If you do use it, test it as there may be errors when I removed private stuff.
It’s basically a python event that checks if an autokill application exists as a process, if it doesn’t, it copies the required files from a network share to a local folder, then executes a batch that installs the process as a tray icon. (basically an ‘autodeploy’ for all slaves in the render farm)
Sorry for the lack of comments in the code, but it’s pretty straightforward. (36.0 KB)

Thanks again,


C’est aussi en Francais, so folks would want to translate the catch error if they’re running an English version of Windows.

This is neat. I’ve never used this before and don’t condone it under Thinkbox, but it’s nice to see new tools for this sort of issue!