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Deep holdout mattes- Vray3 to Krakatoa

Hey all, I’m trying to load deep data into Krakatoa for holdouts but am having trouble. I’ve got exr’s output from Vray3 in Maya with correct data (tested in nuke), but when I try to load the exrs into Krakatoa Deep Holdout Matte I get an error: “The file format version number’s flag field contains unrecognized flags”. Has anyone seen this before? Ultimately I’d like to have Krakatoa particles held out from a PhoenixFD fluid so I can get some kind of integration. Any thoughts?

Unfortunately, Krakatoa MY only currently supports RenderMan’s DTEX format as its deep shadow/holdout format.

The reason this was done was because I did not originally have a deep workflow from VRay. As I understand Vray3 now exports deep exr 2.0 files? I will have to test this out to see what kind of files are being generated. We hope to support the new deep exr 2.0 files soon. It is high on our wishlist.

The next version of Krakatoa MY will also support importing of traditional z-depth maps, so that may be enough for your case too.

Hey Conrad, thanks for the reply. Yes Vray can export deep .exrs using exr2.0. (Checked in Nuke.) Do you have any ballpark when the next Krakatoa MY is to be released? I’m at a KrakatoaMY heavy studio so let me know if you’re looking for someone to beta test.

Mike Rhone
(FX lead - Zoic)

OpenEXR 2.0 support has been on our wishlist for a very long time. The reason we’ve never added it is because support for deep images from other applications has been slow to catch on, so it’s been hard to justify.

However, now with VRay supporting OpenEXR deep images, I would like to bump this up our priorities again… Although, it won’t be for the pending release, so I don’t have a real answer for you in terms of timeline.

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