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Desperate help with scheduling for a beginner and Discord channel doubt

Hi All. In our tiny post house we’ve started using Deadline for our Nuke renderings. Step 1, went swimmingly: database, repository and workers installed. Plugins installed on workers and configured. Test renders of real-world scripts and projects went perfect, everything wonderful.

I’ve hit a wall with trying to configure deadline to only render at night. I’ve set up worker scheduling the following way:

But the Deadline monitor shows the machines to be always Idle. It never stops the Workers.

Also the Idle Detection feature doesn’t work: even though there are artists using the machines they always show as Idle, without stopping any workers. A hint I’ve read, according to the manual, is:

On Windows, Idle Detection will NOT work if the Launcher is running as a service

But I don’t know how to make Launcher not run as a service, (any link or help would be greatly appreciated).
Anyhow the scheduling should not be affected if the launcher is run as a service, right? At least, not according to the manual.

And finaly, on another note, is there a Discord channel for Deadline?

Thanks a bunch!


The ‘Todos’ group is Disabled, so won’t run anything.

If you do have the Workers/Launcher running as a service, easiest way to fix that is to re-install Deadline and make sure you don’t run it as a service.

@anthonygelatka Oh wow. I totally missed that. I will get on it right away and report back. Thank you so much!

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