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Different Resolutions different renders

Hey BOBO…little help…
here im using force additive mode.The test resolution(640X480) is looking great but when i render this on final output resolution(4K,2K,1K) the result is different.
How Can i achieve the same result in 4K resolution as seen in 640x480?
Note:FPD:5 exp -3

Hi, Bobo’s on a little vacation currently. He did write a page about how resolution affects the output image in one of our tutorials: … ion_Factor

The basic idea is, because Krakatoa draws points without a width, when there are more pixels in the output image, the image begins to look dimmer, and more sparse. The effect can be compensated for in two ways:

  1. Increase the “Final Pass Density/Exponent” so that each pixel contributes a little bit more to the output image. This can result in a grainy look, and isn’t really recommended.
  2. or, ideally, increase the number of particles in the volume until a similar look is achieved at a larger resolution. If you can create a more dense particle set, then this is the way to go.

Well thanks Conrad .

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