DNxHD codec settings in Draft Pro


Hey guys and gals,
I was wondering what the quality settings for DNxHD in Draft output options actually translate to in regards to the various flavours of DNxHD codec family.

I was looking into using Draft to automate creation of mov files for rendered cg shots but noticed the options are fairly limited as far as using hi quality codecs.
Raw will be far too inefficient and heavy, and DNxHD requires Draft Pro license so without having a license I can’t actually test it out.

Ideally I would like to render using Cineform codecs but that isn’t an option in Draft.
I can only find old posts in forum mentioning that it is on the dev feature wishlist but havent seen any further info on that elsewhere.

Anyone got any info to shed some light on this?


I’m actually not sure as I don’t have industry experience with DNxHD and the only page we have is here:

As far as requiring a Pro license, you can e-mail thinkbox-sales@amazon.com and they can hook you up with a license for testing!




Ok thanks for that Edwin.
So according to that table, the highest level DNxHD output support is either the 8bit (HQ) or the 10bit (HQX) equivalent that I would use as option in other video encoders such as AME.
According to the data rates in that table, it doesn’t look like the 10bit RGB 444 flavour is an option in Draft though.
That’s probably enough for our needs, but I am curious as to what the 0-100 “quality” setting in Draft output options equates to from the available data rates supported from that table.


After talking with one our guys, I have confirmation that Draft does not support 10bit colour at the moment. I’ve added you as a +1 to our internal ticket for DNxHR.