don't move fume cache bug?


I rendered a fume sim and when my drive ran out of space, I versioned up and changed to another local drive. Stoke won’t read the fume velocity any more. Is there a workaround here?

Basically, if I change the default fume directory from the initial settings that existed when stoke was created, stoke will no longer read that grids velocity no matter what I do. I’ve been having this problem for a while, I just finally figured out what was causing it.

Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

EDIT: My temporary workaround is to back up the initial cache and resim using the original cache file name. It seems the original fume cache file name is baked into the scene. New stoke emitters won’t work, copy fume grid and resim won’t work either.



Stoke is a complex plugin. WHERE exactly are you referencing the FumeFX Grid?
Is it in a Stoke Particle Simulator? Is it in a Stoke Magma Field or Stoke Field Simulator via an InputField Magma operator? Or is it via a Stoke Field Loader?

Please provide exact steps mentioning all the objects and settings you are using, otherwise we will have a hard time reproducing your problem. Also all version numbers (3ds Max, FumeFX, Stoke) would be useful so we can make sure we are using the same versions, if possible.



Thank you very much for the speedy reply. And, thank you for asking for additional info, that really helped. I knew it was operator error, but here is the skinny for anyone interested.

Like the good ol’ sgi systems, naming convention is everything. I was setting the cache to “filename…fxd”. Therefore, stoke would not read it. Once I changed my filename to “filename_.fxd”, everything worked again. The underscore in the filename is key. I normally use periods to delineate the sequence numbers, but that is no good here. Very happy to have figured this one :smiley:

BTW, thank you for the great tutorials, webinars and posts. Stoke, krak, frost and magma are amazing!



Glad I almost helped! :laughing:
Stoke, Krakatoa, Frost and Magma thank you for the flowers!..