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Draft + C4D

Are there any plans to support C4D render tokens in draft? At the moment Draft is understandably having problems resolving file paths that include $take etc.

That seems reasonable to me. I seem to remember we have some other issues with that.

Do you have any idea if C4D’s API provides something we could leverage for doing that? Doing the parsing ourselves might be brittle and a duplication of work.

Just curious about that before I cut the dev ticket.

Were also having problems with C4D tokens and Draft. I would guess this could be solved with the Tokensystems module in the c4d python api but you might have to have access to the original c4d file to read in take names etc. Take name is already stored in the submission params off course.
The other option would be for the c4d submitter to resolve all tokens to actual paths on submission from cinema. This could potentially mess with some peoples workflows if they rely on keeping the tokens alive in the job after submission though.

-b … okensystem

this would still come in very handy for us @eamsler I think most people who use c4d professionally will also use rendetokens

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