Draft Ocio string parsing



Does Draft handles the strict parsing options from the config.ocio?
opencolorio.org/userguide/config … ictparsing

If it doesn’t, can I access the Python OCIO API from a Draft Template?

I’m currently using Deadline 9 with Draft 1.6.



If I understand correctly, you’d like Draft to throw an error if it can’t determine the colour profile for the input image?

It looks like the default for OCIO is to throw an error when a config is present, which seems to be possible with SetOICOConfig, but that’s about all I could dig up. I’ll ask one of our developers to take a look and see what he can figure out.
docs.thinkboxsoftware.com/produc … OCIOConfig

As far as access to OCIO, whatever we have will be under the LUT class I think:
docs.thinkboxsoftware.com/produc … t=ocio#lut


I’m talking about the possibility to parse the color space from the filename of a file.

According to the OCIO documentation, when strictparsing=true in the config.ocio, the software should look the colorspace name from the filename.

For example, if the file currently being processed it’s called “fh_010_light_logc.####.dpx” and the config.ocio has a transformation called “logc”, it should apply the transformation according to that colorspace.

With this implementation, we could set our nuke write nodes to add the OCIO color space name at the end of the filename, so draft could pick up the file and do the transformation without defining a specific “colorspacein”

If this is not enabled in draft, we could just make our own parser to look for it.



Hi guys,

Any solution here? We’re exactly at that place in our pipeline, looking at options to read the input space from.



Hmm. So, essentially all we’d be doing is honouring the “strictparsing” setting.

I see the value there. I’m not sure how it fits with the other priorities, but I’ll start tracking it here.