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Draft tile assembler, assembling upside down

Hi all,
Having a weird issue on tiled renders using max 2024 and Vray with Deadline All tiled renders are fine and correct until assembled when it stitches all the tiles together but saves the final stitched render and elements upside down and flipped. Any ideas for how to fix this would be appreciated!

I have narrowed down the issue to a degree. When saving as PNG or TIFF it stitches together correctly. Its only when saving as a TGA that it stitches upside down…

You’re not the first to have this issue with TGA files - it’s something that’s gone wrong in Draft 1.8.

We haven’t got any tidy workarounds - the two folks have used are to not use TGA files, or to run another draft render on the output file that makes no changes. This way when Draft flips the image incorrectly, it corrects the issue it introduced in the first place.

The real kicker is there isn’t (as far as I can find) a rotate or flip command in the Draft library, or else we’d be able to tack that onto the end depending on the file format.

You could do it with imagemagick’s flip command as well. But I’ll leave the effort/reward math to you.

Many thanks Justin, ill check out the imagemagicks flip command!

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