Draft Tile Assembler - Recurring or Watch Folder?


As of right now, the vrscene file parsing only half works (see https://forums.thinkboxsoftware.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=15418). Our workaround right now is to parse and override, and then submit a separate tile assembly job using a modifed version of the assembler script from the manual:

#We are assembling 4 tiles into an image TileCount=16 #In the config files we are using relative coordinates instead of pixel coordinates DistanceAsPixels=0 #The tiles have not yet been cropped so the tile assembler has to crop each tile. TilesCropped=false #We are going to assemble all files within the specified folder. ImageFolder=Q:/EXR Tiled Output\TO TILE #We are going to only assemble files with the following extension ImageExtension=exr #The first tile in each of the images will start with the following prefix Tile0Prefix=_tile0_ #Where should the tile go Tile0X=0 Tile0Y=0.75 #Because we are cropping the tiles we need to give it a width and height to crop to Tile0Width=0.25 Tile0Height=0.25 #The second tile in each of the images will start with the following prefix Tile1Prefix=_tile1_ #Where should the tile go Tile1X=0.25 Tile1Y=0.75 #Because we are cropping the tiles we need to give it a width and height to crop to Tile1Width=0.25 Tile1Height=0.25 Tile2Prefix=_tile2_ Tile2X=.5 Tile2Y=.75 Tile2Width=0.25 Tile2Height=0.25 Tile3Prefix=_tile3_ Tile3X=0.75 Tile3Y=.75 Tile3Width=0.25 Tile3Height=0.25 etc....

All of that works, however I want the job to recur continuously (say every 15 minutes?). I guess the obvious answer is to modify the watchfolder script (https://github.com/ThinkboxSoftware/Deadline/tree/master/Examples/DeadlineCommand/DraftWatchfolder, however, I was hoping there was something easier via scheduling or something that doesn’t require me to modify the python (I am no coder). The scheduler appears to only go from 1 day onward (ie can’t run more than once a day), and I saw mention of

Any help would be appreciated. thanks!


That’s the only watch folder style thing we have. The Deadline recurring jobs are only going to requeue the job every 24 hours, so they’re also not great unless you named the input files.

The watch folder script will run every 5 seconds, but also has the limitation that it’s for Draft only (but might be alright to convert to a V-Ray plugin), and that if you restart the script it will resubmit everything in that folder. We’d probably want an out box folder where we can move the scenes as they’ve been submitted.


Sorry, I think I was unclear. The watch folder was meant as a means to make the draft tile assembly process easier. As noted, the vrscene tiling process will properly render out, however, won’t assemble all the tiles together (notably some of my ID channels, extratex, etc). As a short term workaround for that, I’m having our staff render all tiles to “Folder A” then once complete, move to “Folder B” and then run the script above that I snagged from your github. Not a great solution, but I’m definitely open to suggestions.

BTW, I have to have them move the files to folder B because I’ve observed issues where Job27 may have 13 of the 16 tiles complete, however, the draft tile assembly script will try to assemble all the tiles (for reasons?) and we end up with blacked out regions.

Of course the more streamlined I can make this, the better, but this is the best I can get to work with my limited scripting skill set right now.

edit: I’m digging into more and more event plugins, and that would seem to be a good direction to go: basically I envision using “OnJobFinishedCallback” to move all rendered out tiles to a subfolder and then using that to trigger an auto tile assembly of all files in that folder. Unfortunately that is quite above my skill level, so I feel a bit SOL right now, but will keep digging.


I think fixing the parsing and rendering is going to be the best avenue here… I’ll loop back with the team since it’s not just SketchUp causing problems.