Email list for new releases?


Many software vendors allow customers to subscribe to new release announcements via email. Is there anything similar for Deadline?

Right now, the only way to discover new releases that I’m aware of is to manually go hunting for news on the website or check the download portal, and I’ve missed a couple of recent patch releases already because of the lack of any sort of notification system.



Surprise! :open_mouth:


I’mma make this sticky :slight_smile:


Perfect, thanks!

Now if only there was a way to tell people about the Release Mailer… :wink:


There is, it is called Twitter, that’s how I found out! :smiley:
I went to our Twitter account to see whether we announced the individual patches, and found the Mailer post instead!


I did not receive an email today about the V9.0.1.1 release - I was receiving all the V8.x ones properly. Am I just too early and it’s on its’ way or is there a bug?



It should be going out soon!



Got it, all is well - thanks!