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I’ve seen on another posting that Draft supports Prores 422. How do you do this as I can’t find it in any doumentation? Also, is it supported it in Windows?


ProRes is not supported in Draft. However, we are in discussions to get licensed for it.

OK cool, I guess the other post was talking about QT export from Deadline. Never mind, Be good once you’ve got it licensed, very much needed to get our full pipeline into Draft.


we were intending a pro-codec pack for prores, avid dnxhd and others. we are licensed for avid, but not prores yet. if you require a beta to test it, contact beta@thinkboxsoftware.com

I take it the beta doesn’t include ProRes? Impossible to answer I’m sure but do you have a time frame for the ProRes licensing? :slight_smile:


sent you a PM

actually, scratch that PM - I was incorrect. email me for details if you like

the beta does NOT include prores


Hi there,

Was there ever any progress made with the ProRes codec being added into Draft? Picking this up on our DL 6.0 farm just now and ProRes is one that’s been asked for.


We will follow up with Apple again! cheers



+1 for ProResHQ and ProRes4444 support!

We are still trying to acquire licensing from Apple to support ProRes.

We’ve reverted to having a post render Python script auto run an FFMPEG command line on the output to give us ProRes quicktimes. Works like a charm for now.

Please try harder…there are plenty of software packages on the PC side these days that give at least ProResHQ like Rhozet or Cinemartin Cinec.

There must be a way to get this faster from Apple, it´s hard to believe they would not answer your request for more then one year now!

Sorry to be so pressing, but we already had parts of our pipeline adjusted to it based on the beta experience WITH ProRes and I was expecting this to arrive more sooner than later…


i’ve put it on my agenda.

Thanks, appreciated!

I asked the Cincec dev if he licensed Pro-Res and he gave me a non-answer. I assumed that to mean “no”. The other encoders all require you to run it on Windows Server.

I think all Prores solutions are just following the “We would rather ask forgiveness than permission”. But yeah… it’s super annoying. I’ve had to hassle the “Designated Apple Laptop” person twice today for ProRes deliverables. Inefficient to say the least. Even if I had to run transcodes on a Windows 2012 server from time to time I would find that an acceptable compromise.

And another one (which surprisingly doesn´t require a server version of Win):


The Miraizon ProRes-compatible codec delivers professional performance and is fully compatible with Apple ProRes codecs.
Support for all 4:2:2 profiles, including Proxy, LT, 422, and HQ
Support for all 4:4:4 profiles both with and without alpha channel data
Support for both progressive and interlaced video
Selection of profile and interlacing both programmatically and through a dialog interface
Support for conversions between 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 formats
Support for conversions between 8 bit and 10 bit video formats
Support for all frame sizes from below standard-definition through HD 2K, 4K, and beyond
Support for non-standard frame sizes with automatic padding and cropping

we’ve reached out in a dozen ways and had zero response. i’m going to keep trying, but it’s odd.


Interesting read:

Assimilate is bringing Apple ProRes to Windows with the new versions of its digital dailies workflow and DI tools. With today’s release of v8 of Scratch and Scratch Lab, users can encode ProRes deliverables on PCs running Windows 7 and 8.

“We are the first to have a software-only Windows-based ProRes encoding license,” Assimilate VP of Marketing Steve Bannerman told StudioDaily. “Everyone has wanted that for years — including us.”

With some research it has been possible to encode ProRes files on the PC — for example, the open-source FFmpeg framework has an unauthorized ProRes implementation — but Assimilate promises a robust, fully certified integration. Scratch and Scratch Lab V8 both support FCP-optimized encoding to ProRes 442, HQ, LT, proxy and 4444 at 10-bits or 12-bits.

I hope this is good news for us/draft…



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