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Environment variable in plugin executable path?

Hello there!

Is there a way, to include windows environment variable in a plugin’s executable’s path?
I can’t seem to find anything about this, and it seems like the %localappdata% format is not resolved by Deadline 10.

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for reaching out. I do not think it can be resolved by Deadline at all. Windows can only resolve the environment like this. Just out of curiosity what are you trying to achieve?

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On our farm machines there is software under the

Since this path changes for every user, I would like to use a path like this:
to cover this path depending on which machine is running the task.

You would have to hack the render plugin’s RenderExecutable method to call e.g. os.path.expandvars at a suitable moment.


If Deadline can’t translate these vars to paths, then this will be a solution, thanks for the suggestion! :slight_smile:

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Your solution works perfectly!
In GetRenderExecutable simply changed
gafferExeList = self.GetConfigEntry("Executable" + str(self.Version).replace(".", "_"))
gafferExeList = os.path.expandvars(self.GetConfigEntry("Executable" + str(self.Version).replace(".", "_")))

and it works like a charm.

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