Error: Cannot set setting <settings> this way (System.Exception)



It’s been a couple of days that i’m trying to figure out how the deadlinecommand SetSlaveSetting works in the command line!

For example:
If I do : deadlinecommand getslavesetting <slave_name> IdleMinutes It will give me a number let’s say 5.
If i want to change it to 10 , I suppose I have to do : deadlinecommand setslavesetting <slave_name> IdleMinutes 10
But it returns me an error : Error: Cannot set setting IdleMinutes this way (System.Exception)
This is one example between many other setting that i cannot set.

But if I want to set the Description deadlinecommand setslavesetting <slave_name> Description Test everything works fine and i got a reply Set Description to test

I can’t find anything online so if someone can explain me the difference between the 2 settings, and provide me wiht an example on how to set the setting since the error just tells me it’s not this way, it would be much appreciated.
Thanks a lot


Sorry for the slow reply. Very busy week. So, I did some testing here and this looks like bug as I can’t get it to work whenever the value you are trying to set is a non-string value. Logging as a bug now for you. Again, for the slow reply.


@MikeOwen - I’m trying to set a Slave to disabled using the same method with Deadline 7 (I know I know), is there another way to do it? And did the fix make it into a Deadline 7.x release?




Okay, well it’s working in 10.0:

c:\Program Files\Thinkbox\Deadline10\bin>deadlinecommand getslavesetting MyMachine enabled

c:\Program Files\Thinkbox\Deadline10\bin>deadlinecommand setslavesetting MyMachine enabled false
Set enabled to false.

c:\Program Files\Thinkbox\Deadline10\bin>deadlinecommand getslavesetting MyMachine enabled

As for Deadline it works the same.