error saving atom



I am trying to save out some geo created by Atom plugin and I am getting the following error. I can see that the object has verts and I can apply modifiers to it. I tried adding a turn to poly modifier but I keep getting the issue .



It is possible that the error comes from sub-sampling the mesh on sub-frames, either because you are saving Velocities, or because you requested sub-frame sampling explicitly. I am not sure why the error is thrown though, as XMesh should not care about empty meshes.

Note that under XMesh Saver’s Advanced Settings, the option >Empty Mesh is checked by default, which allows XMesh to accept meshes with no vertices and faces (it just saves an empty mesh). But the error you are seeing talks about “sampled mesh”, so I suspect it is a problem related to sub-sampling.

However, I don’t have Atom and cannot test (we might have to contact Clovis and ask for a license if things don’t work). So can you try disabling the saving of Velocity and try again? If that does not work, can you confirm whether you are saving full frames, or sub-frames?



I am not sub sampling the mesh. Its set to 1 sample per frame also tried removing the velocity channel from the list of saved channels.

Forgot to mention that I had >Empty Mesh turned off already with it on I just kept getting nothing in xmesh so I turned it off to see if that was an issue. Turning it off gave me the error I posted.

It seems to only have an issue when the source of Atom is a pflow. I tried with a geometry and it seems fine. If I set the pflow render node to phantom or none then I dont get the error , it takes a long time to mesh the object and it just does a partial job , for example half the particles and lines move and the rest are stationary.

Would be good to get it sorted for now I am saving it to alembic and then back to xmesh. Clovis said he only got a chance to test it with alembic so it could be something on his end.


Ok, turning that option off explains the error.

Can you try making a Compound object > Mesher from the Atom and XMeshing that? Does it make any difference?

A few other things to try:

  • Save a Proxy XMesh sequence without any optimization or other settings - this will bake the viewport mesh in addition to the render time mesh. Does the Proxy Xmesh sequence look any different?
  • Make a Frost from the PFlow. Set the output to either vertex cloud (this will make a mesh with one vertex per particle, no faces), or to Custom Geometry and set the particle shapes similar to what you have in PFlow. Does Atom work with that? Can XMesh save that correctly?


Tried all the options except the Frost one as they dont have it here had the same problem. I might just have to wait for clovis to look into it.