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Error with import Draft

Document on licensing says

“Starting with Deadline 10.1.23, Deadline and its components do not require a license”

Currently we are using Deadline 10.1.22 and I get this on terminal

import Draft
Draft 1.6.8
Checking for a license…
No license server found.

If I upgrade to 10.1.23 or 10.2…, will it help to use Draft without any licensing issue ?

As a backup, In case of 10.1.22, how does one let python know where draft license is. ?.. so that the above error does not occur.

I have tried this on dpython.exe and it too gives same error

Draft pulls the same settings the the Worker uses to find your license server.

You can upgrade to 10.1.23 and later or use the files and steps here to use the license-free version of Draft.

I tried rendering a dnXHD output. And log says

“RuntimeError : Unable to acquire a Draft Pro Codec license, which is required to encode/decode DNxHD video for file …”

Question then arises, what is the cost of getting this license.?

I don’t recall, and our pricing page re-directs to the blog post about how everything (but Draft Pro!) is free now.

If you contact Thinkbox sales or call (9am – 5pm CST): +1-866-419-0283 the sales team will be able to help you out.

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