Exe hashing function or better version checking

Hi there,

I have just come across an issue with Terragen rendering. The issue being a newer version of the software has been released but not all of the machines have it installed yet. The older version creates odd colours in the frame.

The cli exe exists in the same place whether is in a new install or old
C:\Program Files\Planetside Software\Terragen 4\tgdcli.exe

I would rather the task fails on a machine with the incorrect version of software. Is there a way to create a test at the beginning of a render so that a task fails if old version is installed? or something similar?
TBH this would be a useful function for a lot of our software as we would much rather failing frames than incorrect frames.


I note that;
The cli reports the version number;
Terragen 4 build 4.5.56

I also note that in powershell (as expected)
Get-FileHash “C:\Program Files\Planetside Software\Terragen 4\tgdcli.exe”
Returns the same hash for all of the machines with the new software, and different for old software.

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