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Exposed parameters order

Hi people i apologize if i open this thread here

this doesn’t regard only Stoke but Magma in general

working with magma flows especilly with Field Magma or Field Simulator or any magma flow that has several exposed parameters i discovered that is really annoing that we cant change the order of these exposed parameters

i mean when i expose elemets they get the order based on their creation number so in the place to have a well organized parameters set we only get a mess… :frowning:

when you just created your setup it’s ok because you remember what you just did but when you reopen a setup months later then you have to spend a lot of time trying to remember the logic

the same is when you pass your setup to an artist you have to excuse for the mess in the parameters and spend more time to explain what you did and how to use it

i can see that this positioning respects the creation number of each node…is it possible to implement a quick way to switch the node numbers? or sometning similar? so we can create a more tidy panel :question: :question:



just to give an idea of what i mean…a lot of parameters
with no organization possible

I am pretty sure it would be possible to introduce an alternative, user-defined sorting order for the exposed controls. It is definitely doable, since the whole UI logic is implemented in MAXScript anyway.

I will take a look tomorrow and see what can be done…

Just did a first test (Input and Output channels only) and it is working well. Need to add the extra order ID properties to all exposable nodes next, hope to have something working tomorrow…

thank you Bobo!!

I have uploaded an updated Magma UI script file to the Stoke Beta forum.
I am pretty sure you have access to it. The new script is for the current Stoke MX 2.3 Beta.
Let me know if you need a temp. 2.3. license to test it…

thank you very much Bobo!!

yes i need a temp beta license to test it :stuck_out_tongue:

I just sent an updated temp. license to both emails I have from you… Check your inboxes! :slight_smile:

Hi Bobo sorry for the delay, i just finished my task and had a test with the new stoke and the new option for exposed parameters

all is fine and works smoothly!!

thanks to add this :smiley:

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