EXR MetaData

Can I edit arbitrary MetaData fields on an EXR file without processing the full image?

I’m looking to take an EXR, change a metadata field, add a few more and close the file with minimal overhead.

Hi Gavin,

Unfortunately, we are not currently writing metadata to EXR files. We would like to know which metadata you would like to modify so we can add those to our Wish List.



Well, all arbitrary channels is what I need. :stuck_out_tongue:

3dsMax lets you add 4 types of Attributes: String, Float, Matrix and Integer. That would be a good start.

Hi Gavin,

All of these will be added to our wish list.




So for starters I would like to add a metadata field to the Modo submission window which bakes the info into the image through the keys. I have tried using python to add these keys as a post script or something that runs from the command line, but it isn’t quite returning what I need. I would like to have it as an attribute for our 3d artists to pass important data through our pipeline. I am wondering if someone can point me in the right direction?

Here’s the rundown on what I am looking to do:

  1. Modo/Deadline: Output exr with user defined metadata keys
  2. Nuke/Deadline: Output .tiff with Modo user keys+Nuke user keys
  3. Photoshop: Able to manipulate image without overwriting metadata keys (not really a Deadline issue but I figured I’d mention it)

Dance on the ruins of the stupid stage!

Things I have explored:
pyexiv2 mod to adjust keys worked but the result for adding strings shows in Nuke as raw_value not value and ran as a post script (not tested from Modo)
using Nuke modifyMetadata node and rewriting exr= get strange results in channels and not really a path I want to go down

So what am I missing? I was looking at the MetaRenderSubmission as well. I’m still looking into it and documentation is a bit vague on that. Could that as a secondary job with a dependency do what I am wanting or am I way off? Hope to hear from you guys!


Could you send us a sample of what you’re trying to do? Adding metadata support is on our wishlist, and so it would be helpful for us to plan our future metadata support. If you don’t want to post it online, you can e-mail it to support@thinkboxsoftware.com and reference this forum thread.

As for third party products that you could use to add metadata meanwhile, we haven’t looked into this. It’s possible something like ImageMagick would be able to do this.


Sorry for the late response. So here is the code I am hoping to integrate into deadline at some point in the future.

import OpenImageIO as oiio

path = “C:…”
img = oiio.ImageBuf(path)

#frame number or some other string splice
f1 = path[-8:][:4]


#writes image

so here is a rough Idea of what Im looking to add to the render perameters through some sort of text field at submission.


Thank you very much!

Those details will be added to our wish list.

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You’re welcome. Please keep in mind the above snippet only seems to work for .exr’s, or at least that is all I have tested them on thus far.


Sorry to drudge up a super old thread. I can’t seem to find anything about the ability to add metadata to EXR’s rendered through deadline. Was this feature added to Deadline?

The only thing I can find in the documentation is in regards to “Job Extra Info” but that appears to only be displayed in the Monitor, not added to the EXR which is rendered from Modo.