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Fail to retrieve cpu architecture

I have a node that has been working fine, but today it says this.
Any ideas?

I am still seeing available disk space, however RAM qty, RAM usage, and CPU info is not being recorded.


Thanks for reaching out. I need following information to troubleshoot this.

  1. Does this happen on all of your workers? I see the screenshot of Worker logs it was not even rendering at that time so what triggers the sandbox to fail? or is it random?
  2. Are you running any custom event plugins?
  3. Seems like it is Windows, but what version?
  4. Please enable verbose Worker logs from the Monitor: Tools> Configure Repo Options> Application data> Verbose Worker logs check off on the bottom right pane. Then restart the Worker and reproduce the issue. Then get me the copy of logs from application logs folder stored locally on the Worker machine: Logs — Deadline documentation
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