Falling back to GUI licenses for Nuke?

So in crunch times we tend to have a lot of Nuke rendering going on and would like to use our Interactive licenses on the farm. I know we can set the Nuke plugin to use interactive licenses, but it does so explicitly and will then ignore the Nuke render licenses.

I’ve reached out to the Foundry and they mentioned it was on their feature request list to have a command that can handle this. In the meant time, is there a way to have the Nuke plugin checkout a render license first, and then fall back on an interactive license?

Perhaps, Is it reasonably possible to modify the Nuke plugin to check the license server and choose interactive if there are no render licenses available? It would be great to know if this is worth exploring.

Many thanks!

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I was looking for a smarter way to do this too.

Currently the only way to use interactive licenses is to specify them before hand. This works if you have 2 pools of machines, one with render licenses and another with machines using interactive, if all the nodes are running, and there are workstations available then use the interactive license on that workstation.

you need to set up some system on RLM too as you don’t want the render stealing all the licenses, I don’t think there’s a way to do that, you can reserve licenses for users or machine but I don’t think there’s a way to prioritise license usage.

Glad to know I’m not the only one. Thanks for the advice!

I thought I’d be clever and try something: Since you can specify which workers can use an interactive license, I assigned this to the workstations that I know would have their own interactive license in use while not on the farm. The artists logs off, they aren’t using that allotted i license, their machine picks up a render using it.

Cool… then I noticed my render blades using the interactive licenses even though they weren’t in the list of approved workers to use an interactive license. Artists running out of licenses. Sigh. Will have to dig into it, as it seemed a simple way to handle it.

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