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First frame at the start of each task rendering incorrectly

Anyone seen this before? The first frame of each task is being rendered as frame number .2- something instead of 1- something.

eg. an EXR only 259 frames long should be 1001 - 1259 but look:

It is odd that the tasks show the correct frame range but the output doesn’t match up. How’s the output path being set on that job?

And what’s the application being run on those jobs? And if you take the full command out of the task report (as described here) can you re-create the oddball output naming?

Can you send the output logs, It would be interesting to see what they say?

Hiya, I tried running the full command on the node this was rendered on. We think it’s to do with a custom plugin we’re running from @RicardoMusch – he’s taking a look. Will keep you posted on what we find!

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