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Force deadline workers reload plugins from repository

Hello All,

using dl 10.2, we have a custom plugins and preload scripts and when we change them the do not seem to update on the workers. Right now we have to have scripts or tool delete or rename the folders in side of c:\ProgramData\Thinkbox\Deadline10\workers or the linux equiv.
Just wondering , as we have bare metal or fixed vm’s, what the correct workflow to get changes pushed out to the workers we have?


Is your farm on-prem? Does the following not work?

Tools → Synchronize Monitor Scripts and Plugins…

I ask because I remember having to restart nginx if the nodes were on a spotfleet/AWS – but locally, this works for me for custom plugins.

For event plugins, I usually have to do the Tools → Configure Event Plugins and then toggle/swap the order of one of them e.g. Rez and then click OK (even though nothing has really changed, I can see in the console that it will notice the new event plugin files and sync them).

Thanks for the responce,
Everything we have is on prem.

Ill try it but the wording in the documentation for that leads me to believe it will only work for the computer i execute that on in the monitor.

Thanks for the plugin tip, ill try that out.

That’ll only sync stuff the Monitor uses (as much as I’d hope otherwise). The Workers should pull fresh plugins after a restart or around 5-10 minutes when their cache expires.

Or on a new job, in the case of application plugins.

Is there an event that i could hook into to clear out previous plugins for existing jobs.
I know i could do a maintenance script, because that is not cached locally right?

thanks for all the replies.

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