Forcing language default version?



Is it possible to set the ENU version of 3dsmax as a default on render jobs (either through maxscript during submission, or through global repo options?)

We had the GER version of 3dsmax turned on by accident when someone was editing job properties and so all the slaves rendered in the German version and failed trying to write out the files. ( Error: RenderTask: Unexpected exception (Error in bm->OpenOutput(): error code 12)



Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but

Override 3ds Max Language checkbox and drop-down list

  • If enabled, you can choose a language to force during rendering.

The checkbox is sticky by default, and whoever implemented it (wasn’t me) did not expose the drop-down list value to the defaults and sticky settings system, which has the positive effect of defaulting to English each time SMTD is started. I should probably fix that and allow global overrides and sticky settings for the list too.

Anyway, you might want to make that settings non-sticky and force it to checked via the global INI file in the Repository\submission\3dsmax\Main\

In the file SubmitMaxToDeadine_StickySettings.ini, locate the existing entry and change from =true to =false


In the file SubmitMaxToDeadine_Defaults.ini, locate the existing entry and change from =false to =true


Finally, note that the value is already true in the file SubmitMaxToDeadline_ExcludeFromSceneStorage.ini, so it is never restored from the .MAX file when loading a scene. This is exactly what we want.

As result, the checkbox will NOT be sticky anymore and will not restore whatever settings the user last specified. Instead, the checkbox will default to checked (and the option to “English” anyway) for every machine on the network connecting to that Repository to get its SMTD scripts and settings!

Of course if somebody manages to edit an already submitted job, then there isn’t much you can do at submission time :slight_smile: However, you could edit the to ignore any languages except English if you really want to avoid any other language accident… Alternatively, you could remove the exposure of the “Language of Max to Force” from the Job Properties > 3ds Max Settings panel by editing the file DeadlineRepository10\plugins\3dsmax\3dsmax.options and removing the block

Label=Language of Max to Force
Category=Max Version Options
Description=Language of Max to force.