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Is anyone working with the Fractal generator? If so, could you tell me how to get a more “solid/filled-in” look as opposed to the fragmented/particalized default look, if possible? I’ve tried upping the number of particles to the max (yes, I know it is a particle generator!)
Thanks for any help.

Hi Dennis, The fractals algorithm generates a single line of particles that moves through 3D space based on a mathematical equation. It shares similarities with a Spirograph in that way.

Unfortunately, because it’s generated from this single line, it doesn’t typically produce a dramatic volume/solid effect. Perhaps it could be used in combination with a PRT Volume, or “particle repopulation” to produce a volume effect?

Thanks, Conrad. Can I “feed” the output of the Fractal to the PRT Volume directly, or would that be a somewhat roundabout pathway?
Thanks again

The PRT Volume works on Meshes, so you can’t use a Fractal as a source for it.

You could use particle “repopulation” on a Fractal. It essentially seeds lots of particles around the original particles sort of like creating a cloud around the original points.

-Create a PRT Fractal
-Set up some lights. This effect looks best with lights, and not with additive mode.
-Right-click on it, select New Tag > Krakatoa Tags > Repopulate Particles.
-Adjust the fill radius to something in the proper scale of the fractal pattern (shouldn’t be too small at first, keep it large, then make it smaller)
-Try rendering
-Once you have a good fill radius, up the number of subdivisions (do this slowly, as it exponentially increases the particle count). Be careful though, sometimes you can create too many particles, and things slow right down.
-Render/retry until you get something that looks nice.

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