Frantic Software announces the release of Deadline 2.0

Frantic Software is pleased to announce the release of Deadline 2.0 (build 2.0.18035). Some key new features include:

  • The new Power Management feature can reduce energy consumption by automatically turning machines on and off based on the current farm load.
  • The new Deadline Pulse application can be used to improve Deadline's performance by improving Monitor refresh rates, and decreasing Slave polling time when searching for a job.
  • Monitor submission dialogs are now written in vbscript, and can be added and customized as
    necessary. See Deadline Scripting for more information.
  • The pool limit has been increased far beyond the previous 36 pool limit.
  • New plugin support has been added for Maya 7.0.1, After Effects 7.0, and RealFlow3 (beta).
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