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Free Disk Space Large Discrepancy


Just a quicky, I have a script to monitor disk space. One of the workers reports having 4.2 Gb of free disk space but when you look at Local Disk (C:) on windows, it reports 87 Gb free. Other computers have some discrepancy but nowhere near that large or critical. Is there some way to get a more precise measurement of disk space in Deadline?



How are you calculating the disk space? Can you share the script with me. I will try to reproduce the issue.

Please also share the reproduction steps. As far as I know there no built in method to collect disk space except for scripting. I need more information to test that script.

The code used is simply:

for slave_name in slave_names:
slave_info = RepositoryUtils.GetSlaveInfo(slave_name, True)
diskSpace = slave_info.MachineDiskSpace
diskSpace /= 102410241024
diskSpace = round(diskSpace)

(Tab spacing and multiplications between the 1024s arent coming through on the comment fyi)
The discrepancy occurs when looking at this measurement of disk space compared to what is available through: This PC > Local Disk on the computer. Its kind of impossible to tell what the function is actually measuring through the documentation. Perhaps a different drive or something as it certainly isnt C:.

Heya, I found the issue I think but probably not. I found a similar issue when experimenting with changing worker descriptions with:

slave_settings.SlaveDescription = “New Desc”

here the description would not update until:


was called. I only noticed this because when modifying the worker properties you could see the updated description but it wasn’t the same in the table. When running this script with the SaveSlaveSettings through the workers I noticed that the slave_info.MachineDiskSpace was now correct. Clearly there is someway to desync worker info and the database but having said that, I cannot reproduce this behavior for disk space again, same symptom but different issues? It depends on if setters are different to what is used to update diskspace.

This makes me think it is a local issue and perhaps only my Monitor app was bugging/frozen? But then what does slave_info.MachineDiskSpace poll? Because if that is polling the underlying database then the database was incorrect, but if it polls a local cache then my local app was frozen and I somehow woke it up? Honestly not sure, would love to know if this is a known issue.

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