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Frost 2.0 corona renderer support for instancing


Can you please add corona renderer support for instancing in frost 2.0? Right now it’s only for vray. It will be nice if it supports other renderer too.


I’ll let the dev team know to add it to the feature requests. Thanks for asking Jignesh!

Any idea when will it be implemented? I would love to see corona renderer support soon.

Hi Jignesh, thank you for your feedback!
I can only confirm that your request has been logged in our system.

Hi Bobo,

Thanks for reply. Though I also have request for support of “FStorm” renderer as well.

It supports instancing as well. So it will be awesome, if Frost 2.0 can work with this renderer too and not just limited to vray.

Any news on Instancing support for other renderers? like Redshift, Corona, FStorm?

Nothing yet I’m afraid. I’ve looped your request through the right people here though.

Redshift would be ace!

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