Frost 2.1 and Thinking Particles 6 missing group bug


Hi Bobo and Frost Team,

This bug I was getting since so long with TP and Frost but didn’t report it before. Sorry about that. It always worked when I restarted max.

But I was able to reproduce it in one attempt and it happens same everytime I do it.

Here is the video :

Now I am not sure what causes it, Is it working with 25fps or working with edit fly turned off or something else? Because it happens too when I use flowsolver in TP. I am also not sure if it’s on TP side or Frost, as you can see at the end of video, TP particles disappear. Sometimes if I do cache and have multiple frost in scene, some operators group assigned changes to ALL.



Yep, I have it too.


Thanks for reporting guys! I’ll let the dev team know.