Frost 2.2.2 - Bifrost PRT, ID issue


There is an issue with Frost 2.2.2, when we try to mesh as Geometry, PRT coming from Bifrost (MaxFluids).
For meshing, frost expected ID, if bifrost export the ID, ID from Bifrost are in Uint64, but frost only support int32 (krakatoa/tP support the id in Uint64 coming from the export, just frost won’t allow to use them).

The only way to fix it right now, is to rename the ID Channel from bifrost to something else, then use magma flow (required krakatoa), to remap the new ID name to default ID with right arrity


Thank you for your report!

How were you loading the particles into Frost? Were you using Frost’s “Particle Files” rollout, or a Krakatoa PRT Loader, or something else?


@paul: reading the PRT inside a PRT loader or directly inside Frost ‘load sequence’, return this error :

ERR: BuildMesh (Frost001): get_channel_type_convertor_function() - Conversion of channel “ID” from type uint64 to type int32 is not an allowed conversion.

Krakatoa read the ID fine, just frost do not like that the ID is in Uint64, and those happen only when wanted to use the geometry mode (other meshing mode work fine).