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Frost 2.2.2 netwok render fail

I’m trying to render some sparks on two slaves and my workstation using backburner. I can’t get a single frame out. Max crashes with error code -2 as soon as there is a frost object in the scene. Rendering in max GUI on the workstation works well witout issues.

Creating a new scene with only a frost object pointing to some bin files does not work either. I noted in the documents that a demo license can’t render on the network. Is there a way that I can check my scene for some demo issue? Or is it a bug?
I’m using max 2019 and frost 2.2.2. Tried with both fstoem and max standard renders. Both works in GUI, none in backburner. Files without frost have no issues.

Any ideas on what could be causing this?

(I’m not that used to Max, so it could be a user error…)

Best regards


I think I found the issue, so I post my solution here in case someone else have the same problem. It was because it had frames where the frost object could not find a particle file. Seems like the renderfarm would crash if that happened, but the Max GUI does not care.

I had to go in and set “use custom range” for all frost nodes and go back into simulation and rewrite the sim out to make sure there are no particles left on the last frame to make it work. Much more work than just have “ignore popups” to work on the renderfarm.


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