Frost 2.2.2 - VrayNext instancing crash 3dsMAX


Frost 2.2.2 crash 3dsMAX with Vray Next (4.02.05) if we check ‘Vray instancing’ feature.


Are there any interesting details about the crash or does Max just close? Also, I assume it crashes at render time. Which version of Max?


You check Vray instancing on frost in geometry meshing, choose Vray next as renderer, hit render….you have the render message ‘Transforming vertices…’ , then Abracadabra… max dissapear…. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your report! I suspect we will need to update Frost to support Geometry Instancing with V-Ray Next. I will log this as an issue.


Hi @paul, do you maybe have an idea when a new frost release that fixes this issue will be released?


We’re not sure when the next release of Frost will come through the pipe unfortunately.


It’s EXTREMELY important for us to get Frost instancing going with Max 19 and VRay Next


Okay. I’ll bump this up and see where people are at.


Hi, any news? Thanks


Hi everyone,

Frost 2.2.3 has just been release which adds support for geometry instancing in V-Ray Next in 3ds Max 2017, 2018, and 2019. Sorry for the wait.


Awesome! Testing tomorrow