Frost for 3DS Max 2018?



I recently picked up a project that calls for using Frost. I had been using an old PC that was still running Windows 7 and it was time to upgrade before I got going on this project, and so I just built a new PC and purchased and installed 3DS Max 2018 (I believe this is the only version of 3DS Max available for purchase from Autodesk right now). I then requested an evaluation license for the Thinkbox software bundle only to find out that the Thinkbox software isn’t available for 3DS Max 2018 yet. I wish I had known this before, but I don’t know if I would be able to get an earlier version of 3DS Max at this point anyways.

This puts me in a tough spot… is there any news as to when the Thinkbox software (specifically Frost, but I’m interested in the others as well) will be available for 3DS Max 2018? Could there possibly be some work around in the meantime that would get the software to work in version 2018? If not, then I could try to use Blobmesh instead of Frost for the effect that I’m going for, but I’m afraid that won’t cut it.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Hi Jim,

Stay tuned, I am looking for a solutions regarding Frost…

When it comes to Krakatoa MX and Stoke MX, we uncovered a nasty bug in 3ds Max 2018 which made the UIs of scripted plugins pretty unusable, affecting nearly all objects found in Stoke, and the PRT Loader in Krakatoa. I reported it to Autodesk, but there is no fix on the horizon, so I am working some magic to make it possible to use Krakatoa and Stoke in 2018 despite the issue. We hope to have something soon.


Thanks Bobo! :smiley:


We’re also currently waiting on Frost and Krakatoa to make the move to 3dsmax 2018. We generally wait for the first 3dsmax service packs before upgrading, but these always seem to be the last plug-ins on our list. I would honestly prefer favouring host version compatability over feature additions.


[s]Count me in the queue!

The update3 for 2018 introduced liquids, which i’m stuggling to network render, so was hoping frost could work its quick meshing magic without having to go back to 2017.[/s]

got it thanks!