frost hanging on "Updating instances" at render


We have a bit of an odd issue, where heavy/complex frost jobs would hang “forever” on most of the farm machines (6-9 hours with no progress), but render fine on newer workstations within <5 minutes. Is there some cpu instruction set that it was built with, that may be missing from some of our cpus kicking in a software emulation mode? Using frost v2.0.12

The deadline log is stuck on:
2017-01-20 02:23:28: 0: INFO: Updating instances

The frost is running off a PRT that has ~6.4 million particles and is using vray instancing, using 235 source objects

The stack where its hanging:



Thank you for your report! Unfortunately I haven’t seen such a problem before.

No, nothing comes to mind.

What version of 3ds Max and Krakatoa are you using?

Would it be possible for you to please send us a scene file and data set that reproduces the problem?