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Frost in Max 2019

I am curious if the recompile for Max 2019 is already in the works?

Thanks for being forward there. When would you need it by? Are you upgrading your pipeline or do you need it for an upcoming project?

Thanks for getting back so quickly.

OSL is pretty much the game changer that’s making me move so quickly to 2019. And Frost is only required plugin in my next project that is missing from 2019.


I guess I missed answering a specific question about when needed. I’d really prefer seeing a compile by the end of the month as that will determine whether I start the next project in 2018/2019. I’d love being able to start/stay in 2019 and not have to do any version swapping. OSL is such a wonderful gift.

Third in the queue - would live to see a recompile for 2019. I’d love to use fluids with Frost and it looks like I’m going to leave 2018 alone and just go with 2019.

As for feature updates - will it be possible to use Max Fluids directly with Frost without having to save out to PRT? That would be a great addition for current and new Frost users.

I am not sure whether this is technically possible, I have logged it as a wish to explore if it is feasible.

Thanks, hopefully it’s possible. Otherwise let us know so we can request this as users, maybe it helps.

+1 for 2019 support…

Is 2019 support added yet?

You guys adding bifrost support or something? :wink: :smiley:

Not that I’m aware of, but we just (three minutes ago) uploaded a version of Frost you’ll probably want to try out. :slight_smile:

Guess my 2.10 license doesn’t support this version? (I have active maintenance) :frowning:

Something interfering with max2019 install

3ds Max plugin installation for Frost

Error installing to D:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2019:
frantic/win32/wrap.hpp:76 frantic::win32::AutoRegKey::create_key() assert condition ERROR_SUCCESS == result failed: Failed to create the key “SOFTWARE\Thinkbox\Frost”


If you contact our sales department ( they will be happy to send you an updated license.

Thanks Evan just did.

Please see above Max2019 install issue. It was greyed out when I ran the installer now it is just dropping that error when I run the Add to Max utility.

Try running the installer as an administrator.

Hmm just checked the localized plugin.ini the Frost entry was written so… got me what the heck ever that error was about.

It is working as expected in 2019

Thanks :wink:

It might be nice if we could download the latest license via the website instead of contacting support.

Nonetheless, thanks for the update. I am eager to migrate to 2019 in full force.

@Shawn you can log in with an amazon account and grab it from the downloads page. :wink:

But he wants the LICENSE, not the installer. That is not possible yet. :slight_smile:

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