Frost Material Error

I am trying to load 10 separate geos in frost and when I get past 8 I get an error when I attempt to run get material from reference objects.

The message is: Runtime error: Assignement failed, possible dependency loop, Bldg08_mtl:VRayMtl

As soon as I take one less geo out of the included list in Frost this error goes away. I tried it with different geo but it still throws the same error. It would seem that I can’t go past 8. Each one of these geo’s has a multisub material that can get quite large, so It’s probably safe to say that in the end there would be one multisub that could be over 1000 sub materials or more, but I am not sure if that is a limitation or not.

Is there anyway I can get around this issue? Thanks.

best, Christian

I don’t know about this issue, hope someone can help him