Fume Fx 5.0 and Stoke dont like each other.


I’ve tested new Fume Fx 5 trial version with Stoke under 3dsmax 2018 (SP1) and after assigning fume fx sim (simple fxd with velocity channel) as velocity source, particles do not advect. Regardless of Multiplier. Also, when adding fume fx sim as distribution source, Stoke crashes with this message (attachment).

Is this not compatible…again? Stoke comes out so rarely that you can’t manage to keep up with other plugins coming out faster. There was the same problem with Phoenix after 3.05, There was problem with fume 4, now seems to be problem with 5.

Or perhaps I did something wrong in setup. Or fume trial is the problem.

[attachment=0]stoke fume 5o.JPG[/attachment]



We’re expecting that we would just need to link against a newer version of FumeFXIO.dll so we can attack that as we add Max 2019 support. I hear you on the slow update cadence too and have bubbled up the frustrations internally.


Such reality is easily predictable, just like in my singular example: People forced by next projects requirements begin to switch to other software - even if they liked and invested time into learning Stoke. It’s buying and learning Thinking Particles 6 (new field tools) in my case, Houdini in other folks’ cases. If no change occurs, Stoke will fade out. I am sure it’s market dynamics much stronger than our voices. Forum activity is the best non-formal profit’o’meter.

But anyways - We’re still waiting for magic and sudden flow of updates :slight_smile:


Any update on this? We really need those plugins to be compatible otherwise there is no way for us to update to fumefx5 which would be a bit unfortunate.
We would need it for max2016 but are planning to look into max 2019 asap. Unfortunately Thinkbox is one of the only companies to not have released max 2019 versions of their plugins

TP6 fields are great but then again the VDBs you can write out with it are not compatible with some of the other plugins. So you’re again stuck with figuring out how to make those plugins talk to each other instead of focusing on the actual work


FumeFX 5 support will come out for 3ds Max 2015 through 2019 when we release the update the that includes 3ds Max 2019 support. I don’t have a firm ETA at this point unfortunately.


Not the answer I would have liked to hear but thanks for the fast reply!


@Evan - patient customers are standing by. :wink:


Any news on 2019? Thinkbox plugins are the last stand to final migration. Everything else works in 2019… Can’t believe it is so hard to update. Something uneasy goes on in Thinkbox dev team, Deadline-oriented policy, I presume? :slight_smile:


Sorry again for the delay and thank you for your patience. I’m working on this right now, and we’re hoping to have it out soon, but we still don’t have a firm ETA.


A few of us at EncoreVFX are also patiently waiting. :slight_smile:


I think Evan’s plan was to update the dependencies as part of the version bump to 2019, but there was a critical regression that we haven’t worked around yet.

I’ll see who I can escalate this to.


How’s this coming along? Sorry to bother. But is there anyway we can get updated dependencies for max 2017 sooner? Thanks!


No, please keep bothering. I can’t share the details, but it helps.


Ping Ping! Checking on those dependencies :slight_smile: Possible ETA?


No ETAs yet. I’ll go and bubble up your ask though!


I’m on the edge of cancelling my prime membership! :wink:


nickolay 411, not funny at all. I just didn’t renew my maintenance plan for Thinkbox products. Everything except Deadline seems to be phased out after amazon acquired TB. It’s hard to pay for no features (nothing new by year or more now). I just went into Thinking Particles subscription, which now has field capabilities as well, probably more potent than stoke (TP 6 latest drop). Too bad, Thinkbox stuff was fun as hell to work with - hundreds of hours invested in learning. I don’t want to sound melodramatic, but i lost hope for Stoke 3, xmesh 2, frost or krakatoa 3.0. I understand that it is not profitable enough from management point of view. I hope no one loses the job because of that ;_)


Hi AWS Thinkbox… there’s much concern about the lack of updates and concern that Amazon will let these excellent products die, which would truly be a pity. Your loyal customers have been patiently waiting but patience has limits.

What’s the future look like for these awesome VFX tools? What can we count on?



Sad times. It is just so hard to get that Krakatoa look elsewhere.

Stoke simulation error --Runtime error: bad allocation