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FumeFX issue

Hi Bobo

i know that there are some issues on FFX velocity channel and other things

my question is: is FFX 4.0.6 supported yet by STOKE? if not which one is the FFX release that you suggest to use to work well with Stoke?

Thanks for your time


Looks like the last update for Stoke MX only supported 4.0.4:

I’ll let Bobo or Paul comment on whether it’s been broken again by 4.0.6.

Sorry, what issues do you have in mind?

Yes, FumeFX 4.0.6 is supported in Stoke 2.2.1. Please let us know if you encounter any problems!

i’m testing a bit FFX 4.0.6 and stoke and also with the latest stoke release i can’t see the velocity channel working

i had a try to install fumefx 4.0,2 just to have something less up to date and the results are ever the same

i made new fresh installs but nothing worked…but if you say that the latest stoke release supports the latest fumefx maybee the problem is on my machine only

i’l try to refresh all and tell you more


The first thing I’d do is make sure you’ve enabled exporting the Velocity channel — it’s off by default:

Hi Paul thanks for your help
yes i’m following step by step the FFX basic tutorial on Stoke page just to be sure i don’t miss anithing

BTW in the past i already did interaction between FFX and stoke without problems

i just need some time now to investigate where could be the problem…i suspect that it’s only on my machine
i need to close some tasks then i’ll reinstall everiting and try again

I’ll update as soon as i have news

It might also be worth checking to make sure Stoke is licensed on your machine. Stoke sometimes isn’t quite as verbose as it could be when it comes to reporting that a license is missing. You should also check to make sure FumeFXIO.dll was installed correctly with Stoke. That file should exist in the same directory as the StokeMX.dlo file for the version of 3ds Max you’re using (eg. C:\Program Files\Thinkbox\Stoke MX\3dsMax2017).

Thanks Evan

will try your directions as well if the things will keep going wrong after a clean install

BTW i have a license…stoke doesn’t work at all without

Ok guys

after a deep clean and reinstall now stoke works with FumeFx 4.06

for sure was a bad install of some element

Great, I’m glad to hear that! Thank you for letting us know.

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