Fusion 16 with Deadline

We are currently using Fusion 16 CommandLine render.

I have updated the Fusion Plugin by adding the path to the Fusion16 FusionRenderNode to the Fusion x Render Executable.

Is there a way to add Fusion 16 as an option in plugins, and then i’d want to update the FusionSubmission.py to have 16 as a selectable version so Artists can only select that option.

Yes! Definitely possible. The plan was to get Fusion 16 into 10.1.10 for you but it missed code cutoff. It’ll be released officially in 10.1.11.

Fusion 16.zip (16.6 KB)

Just make copies of your “plugins” and “scripts” folders than extract the file above in the root of your Repository and you should be good to go.

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Actually, quick favour to ask for anyone who uses this: Can you try the Fusion Quicktime submitter in the Monitor? I think I’ve got it updated but I don’t have a dongle (working from home) to test that it actually works.

Thank you! Just to confirm, should I open this file and copy over the particular files in the plugins and scripts folder to their folders living in the main Repository. (i.e. …\Fusion16\plugins\Fusion.param to C:\DeadlineRepository10\plugins\Fusion\Fusion.param and so on) or Do I just drop the Fusion16 folder into C:\DeadlineRepository10?

Thanks again!

The safest bet is to copy them individually. I feel like macOS or some other file shell replaces the whole folder instead of merging the contents.

The paths have to match as you’re replacing the old files with the new ones in this case.

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This worked great. Thank you! I’ll test the Fusion Quicktime as well and let you know!

Glad to hear it! I’ll see if I can use the Fusion 16 trial to test the Quicktime situation…

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