Gaffer support?


I’m curious to know if Thinkbox has any plans to add support for Gaffer ( any time?

It’s an open source tool from Image Engine that does some really cool stuff, some aspects of Katana as well as other things. On top of geometry and image processing it can take a whole bunch of tasks and submit them to a render farm including dependencies. Seems like a natural fit for Deadline.

If not I’ll probably write my own plugin, but figured I’d check so I’m not needlessly duplicating work.


Not yet, but we’re definitely willing to lend a hand! (By answering forum threads :smiley:)


any news about gaffer support ? from thinkbox or someone else ?
this software is the futur !


You’re only the second person to ask so far. :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the internal tracker for this, but so far the demand isn’t quite there yet.


We’re now implementing Katana, but a more full featured Gaffer pipeline would definitely be interesting.


I have a pretty solid Deadline plugin + Gaffer Dispatcher going that I’m planning on open sourcing, hopefully in early-mid January.

I have a little more to do on cleaning up unit testing and then I’ll post it and see how it works for you guys.


sounds great ! do you have a git or something to follow / help you on this ?


hi, from what I see, many people want this but doesn’t take time to ask it to aws

Whiskytree has already made their own plugin for deadline and use it in production
Dwarf studio (next to me, in montpellier France) is working on too
some talk from Whiskytree about gaffer and deadline in this video


It’s been a long time coming but I finally have my Deadline dispatcher for Gaffer up on GitHub: It should handle any Gaffer graph you can come up with - it falls back to a scripted dependency scheme if normal frame-to-frame and job-to-job won’t work.

I hope you guys find it useful!


Nice, thanks! Been checking Gaffer out.