Geometry node in houdini doesn't support variables anymore


I updated to deadline and it seems like it is no longer support variables in file output path anymore in houdini.
For example I was using variables such as $OS, opname("../..") or even connecting path from another node chs("../../filecache1/file"). When I send this to render I get an error Error: Failed to save output to file “/mnt/projects/Active/Project/job/SHOTS/shot_0100/geo/opname(…/…)/v01/opname(…/…)”.

Is there a way to force deadline to translate these expressions? It was working ok in version Right now the tool is unusable because it basically breaks the whole pipeline…

thanks for advice.


When you upgraded, did you install the new integrated submitter for Houdini?

yes - I installed from deadline repository submission folder, but this time I used instead of manual installation
I just noticed - that it does support $variables but it cannot translate houdini scrips such as chs("../../filecache1/file") or opname("../..") - but I was using these on regular basis in version


Hi any news on this? This is very frustrating bug that makes deadline impossible to implement into our pipeline. Unfortunately we cannot switch to last working version since we also updated to houdini 18.0.
Please let me know what can be done to fix this.



Could you share one of those logs you’re getting this error in? As far as I can tell that should be up to Houdini to translate. And are you using the Deadline ROP?

Oh, and a test scene would be fantastic for re-creation!


Yes I am using deadline ROP. But I also tried submit via render/submit to deadline
Here is hiplc + log. Thanks!

scene (40.6 KB)


did you have a chance to take a look?



I might not be properly re-creating this, but submitting that scene file as-is through the integrated submitter gets me:

Failed to save output to file "/mnt/projects/Active/_sandbox_/job/SHOTS/Deadline/geo/pighead/filecache1/v01/"

Which is still a failure, but the warnings about opname are missing. However, using the ROP node I get the same Unable to evaluate expression (Syntax error - extra tokens detected in expression (/obj/pighead/filecache1/file)) you’re getting. I’m just working out what’s the difference in how Deadline is getting called.

Thanks for the update!