Get User triggered event

Hello there!
I’m wondering is there a way to get a username who triggered, for example, an OnJobRequeued event?

I’m trying to write a script that notifies User who submitted a job, if somebody requeued or suspended his job. Its simple to get a Job User, but when someone else triggers this event, it becomes tricky

There’s nothing built in, but maybe you could get the currently signed in user, and infer the Deadline username from that?

Since the OnJobRequeued event gets run by the re-queuing application (that is - if a user re-queues a job from the Monitor on their machine that Monitor application executes the Event Plugin code) we can sort of rely on asking the OS for whoever is logged in.

Of course I don’t have a hot clue of how a person would do this. But it might not be too painful.

And if you’re curious about how I know what application is running an Event’s code I rely on this page!

Thanks, Justin! I’ll try to play with OS to fetch a user