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Getting a license for Cinema4D

Hey guys,

I am terribly sorry for the seemingly very noob-ish question, but I’ll be frank and admit that after browsing through Thinkbox’s many web pages for about a hour, I am still quite confused as how the licensing works.

Let’s say I have a X-Particles simulation that I want to smooth out / advect and I want to use Krakatoa to do the job. To do so, I’ve downloaded the Krakatoa plug-in for Cinema4D and all is well, but now I look at the licenses and I get confused.

Do I go for a Node locked license since I’m on a single machine? I’m confused as to how to acquire that. What about the Usage based licensing? That looks more than ideal as I won’t use it too often and won’t be using it for commercial purposes, but I don’t see Cinema4D or Octane in there.

May I get a bit of assistance as how to move forward to unlock this beast? As a hobbyist, my budget is tight, but I would love to use this plug-in.

Thanks a ton!

Hey Justin!

For licensing, e-mail or call +1-866-419-0283 ext 1. They’ll be able to help out there. Might be good if you could outline what you checked out and what pages you hit so we can fix the site to guide the next person better.

As far as what license, UBL isn’t going to be for workstation usage. That’s for rendering only. For price, go for the rental option: We can give it to you on a weekly basis and if you’d not using it next month you won’t pay for it. It’s a bit delayed because you’ll have to talk to us again to get it renewed but it’ll be a lot cheaper.

For floating vs node locked, the node locked option is the easiest to get started with because you don’t need to know what your host name is and you don’t need to install the license server. With a little more effort though for floating you can use whatever machine we tie the license to to serve out licenses locally or from another machine. If you only have one workstation, it’s not worth the effort.

I hope that helps!

Hi eamsler!

Thanks a ton for replying. I truly appreciate it.

Would you mind pointing me to the rental option on your website? Or are you saying I should e-mail the provided e-mail address to get this information?

Concerning the website’s UX, I’m not sure exactly what gets me so confused. I have 10 years of web development/UI/UX design experience behind me, so it’s not like I don’t know how to use websites. Eh. I think the fact that you have a “Products” and “Buy” section is the first confusing thing to me. Also, the “Thinkbox” column on every page is not a contextual menu, but a RSS feed. The fact that it’s on the left implies that it’s a sub-navigation menu of the current page, when it’s not. It should then be on the right side of the main content body. Anyway, I don’t want to get into this here. I’ll let them know. Always happy to give feedback.

Thank you once again. Really appreciate it.

I’d expected that the rental pricing was over on the pricing page, but it’s definitely absent. I’ll have to double check that we still over that. The page is under the “Buy” section.

As far as the feedback, thanks! I’m going to feed that back ( :wink: ) into the team that owns the website. Mind if I forward them your contact info?

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